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What we do

Home Design

Whether it's crafting a dream home from scratch, expanding existing living spaces, or creating separate ADUs for additional accommodation, we prioritize quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal.

From initial concept to final execution, Pacific Home Source provides expert guidance and support, delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations with a reasonable budget.


We offer expert consultation services for your design, considering the lot, the functionality and every factor involved in every project.

We collaborate closely with clients and builders to understand their needs and provide tailored solutions, ensuring every project reflects their unique vision and requirements.

Energy Calculations

Taking into account the constant updates to the building code and new energy-saving alternatives, Pacific Home Source prepares current Energy Calculation forms, ensuring they meet the necessary requirements to apply for a construction permit.

3D Render

Pacific Home Source offers top-notch 3D rendering services, bringing your vision to life with stunning visuals.

From custom homes to renovations, our realistic renderings provide a preview of your project, ensuring every detail is captured and refined before construction begins.

Drawing Services

We deliver comprehensive drawing services, providing detailed architectural plans primed for building permit submission.

Our expert team ensures accuracy and compliance with regulations, facilitating a seamless transition from concept to construction.

Permit Facilitation

Pacific Home Source streamlines the permit process, handling all documentation and coordination to secure necessary approvals swiftly. Trust us to navigate regulations and ensure compliance, saving you time and hassle.